Saturday, November 3, 2012

Life is rather full...who has time to blog?

Sometimes I think about posting something on our blog, but then...

I hear the boys fighting and I need to pull them apart and facilitate apologies, or

I remember Dan asked me to do a load of darks so that he has socks for work tomorrow.

Sometimes I think about creating a new post with recent pictures, then I remember I haven't ever uploaded photos from my phone to the computer and I need to do that before I can possibly post a few pics on the blog.

I have a mental list of thank you cards that need writing, which is something to bless others, so I definitely shouldn't write on my personal blog before doing those.

Hmm...then there's the stack of paperwork and mail that needs attention, and what about those beans that I put in a pot to soak until this afternoon, or the clothes that are too small for Grayson and need to be moved into Gavin's closet? I know I won't have time for all of that if I sit down to write a blog entry.

Besides, who still reads our blog anyway? Considering that everyone who used to read it has noticed we don't post on here anymore, what I don't write won't be missed.

I could go on and on with all of the things that keep me busy. And as for Dan, well, our family blog isn't even close to the top of his priority list.

So, for now, the blog will remain rather lifeless, while our real lives remain brimming!