Friday, August 28, 2009

It felt a little bit like a trip on the S.S. Minnow...

I went on a float trip Tuesday! The journey was supposed to take two hours or so, and four hours later all members of the crew were shouting for dry land!

The route was 7.8 miles long along the Santiam and Willamette Rivers.

Five girls drifted on two tubes, a two-person kayak, and an inflatable surfboard/kayak.

They took along pretzels, Nutella, goldfish crackers, cookies, Capri-suns, and water.

They forgot sunscreen, a map, more paddles.

In the end, realizing that the tubes were just too slow, three people piled into the kayak and two onto the surfboard. One paddle to each craft, we waded through the water rather slowly due to the minimal current. After such a long trek we went to Best Little Roadhouse for some much needed nourishment! Mmmm...cheeseburger!

It was such a blast!

It was a farewell trip and dinner for the girls I have been leading in a small group the past several years. Great memories were made for sure!