Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Stig

Look out on the streets!

Here comes the next Stig! He's like his Dad already and loves the TV show Top Gear. At least he seems to based on how much he loves this outfit Stephy and Abbie gave us for him (since he's a bit young to be watching the tube just yet)! It's still a bit big, but he'll be fitting into it perfectly before we know it, and driving will be soon to follow I'm sure! Does anyone have a racing helmet for an infant...I think his head diameter is around 10 cm!!!


The Eyes said...

oh so cute!! He totally looks like a Harms baby through and through, what a fine combination. lots of love to you 3! congrats again!

Stephanie Hellekson said...

Yes!!! I am so glad it fits him now!