Sunday, May 4, 2008

This Weekend

Erin and Brad Jensen, our friends from college, brought their son Carter down for a visit this weekend. We were worried that our sons wouldn't get along, what with the huge difference in age (Carter 7 weeks vs. Grayson 2 weeks). I mean, what would they have in common, what would they talk about?
As it turns out, both of them enjoy sleeping alot, pooping, and feeding every two hours. An as shown in the photo, both sleep with their mouths gaping open, catching flies while they catch some z's.

The other photos are Tia and Grayson in the nursery, and Grayson having some "Tummy Time". This time is supposed to help baby develop stomach muscles, neck muscles and control, and prepare them for crawling. Grayson just slept. Oh well, maybe next time.


helafo said...

I'm so jealous that we couldn't be there with Clara. What cuties.

Erin Jensen said...

Thanks so much for letting us come to visit. Grayson is a doll!!! Carter said that he is his best friend - obviously they had tons of fun together as the picture shows! We can't wait for our next visit!