Friday, August 29, 2008

Check out these moves!

Grayson is quite the achiever these days! He's doing new things all the time and we are just eating it up. The latest is that he is rolling from his back to his front, but that doesn't over shadow his other favorite pass time of 'walking'.

He is so proud of himself with this new found ability, but it has also been quite frustrating for him once he gets stuck there and can't get away from the resulting 'tummy time'! And don't even get us started with what it has meant for naps and bedtime...big yawn from two exhausted parents.

What do you think of those high steps, the chubby knees, and the way he eye balls the camera! He's coming straight for you, get ready for a big slobbery kiss!

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amberlee said...

Oh my goodness Tia, so cute!