Monday, October 27, 2008

The Many Moods of Gray-bean

Grayson is now over 6 months old, and we think we are going to keep him. He makes us laugh all the time, and his personality becomes more and more evident each day. He can be fiesty, sweet, silly, mad, pensive and cuddly...and he switches rapidly between these moods. Sometimes he even combines them, with interesting results.

Cuddly and fiesty??? That's "Flirty".
Silly and Mad??? That's "Insane".
Sweet and Pensive??? That's just plain "Adorable".

Here are some recent photos of him:


candace said...

Oh Grayson =) I'm glad you are going to keep him:)

Bradley said...

oh my gosh in that last one he looks like such a little boy! Can't wait to see you guys in a couple of weeks!

Stephanie Hellekson said...

my favorite one is the superman pose! it was great to see you guys this weekend, even if it was for just a little bit!