Monday, November 3, 2008


Here's our little cow! He's a boy cow, no udders. Everyone kept asking where his udders were, but alas, none to be found on the costume. And some folks who know he's been on the light side regarding weight made comments about him being a "Skinny Cow" (the dessert?). Hmmm...But then Dan just started saying that he was veal. What young tender meat!
(Don't worry we won't be eating our baby!)

And here's a nice shot of the whole family!


Sammi said...

Hey Tia! How are you doing in Oregon? I hope you Dan and Grayson are doing well. Your son is adorable!

photojhh said...

That's the cutest bovine I have ever seen!
-- Uncle John :-)

Sammi said...

Hey Tia! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I actually moved to Idaho for a job at the daily newspaper here in Idaho Falls, but it's not going to be permanent--maybe a year...two years tops. We'll see. I don't know where work will take me after that, but I definitely want to end up in the Seattle area.

Heather Ling said...

First Halloween!! Tia, he is amazing!

lucy said...

oh tia--he is so darling!!! this brought back incredible memories for me. janey was a cow on her very first halloween...her big brother was a slightly larger version :-) i remember carrying her in a front pack and all that stuck out were her little cow ears. so sweet...your family moooooves me :-)

candace said...

Cute T:) I like Dan's take on things=) You picked a funny one!